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+60 19 – 999 4692

About Us

Alphat Training & Resources was established in 11 Disember 2013 with the primary focus to share the importance of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) knowledge with the community.

Alphat’s commitment to continuous improvement and sustainable development of our community towards resilient nations has helped to gather a group of occupational safety and health (OSH) professions who help to expand our services to focus on delivering an exceptional services and training in OSH.

Through collaboration of experienced OSH practitioners and consultants, Alphat inclusive of a wide network of professional and associated resources, provides a sustainable solutions to shift from fulfilling the requirement of OSH culture to creating an OSH intelligence nation.

Our training philosophy is, “From Safety Awareness to Safety Intelligence”, which emphasize the importance of sustainable development instead of one-off services. We implement multiple approaches to trigger the intelligence thinking of the participants following our training program, such that in-class assignment and practical, the discussion in a grouping or individual, oral test, a field exercises, case study, and/or examination

Our Expert Team

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Dr. Vivien How

Advisor (Safety & Health)
Dr. Vivien has more than 7 years as OSH trainer as well as registered as competent Chemical Health Risk Assessor. Meanwhile, she serves as the senior lecturer at higher institution for OSH program, at the same time, she is also the research fellow for Integrated Research on Disaster Risk. Her dedication and passion has brought her to integrate her training/teaching, research and consultation work to the best benefit of our community.

Mr. Khairuddin Bin Othman

CEO and Board Members
Having 10 years experiences as emergency respondents involving in more than 15 disaster responses and mitigation in 20 countries, Mr. Khairuddin is well known for his passion in emergency management. Besides, he also works as Occupational Safety and Health practitioner and gathered more than 10 years of certified OSH and emergency trainer. He is dedicated to develop a resilient working community through sustainable learning