An efficient and well-maintained LEV will remove hazardous substances from the workplace. This can provide the necessary protection to your employees’ health due to the healthy working environment.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing is conducted to measure the efficiency of the LEV in extracting the hazardous substances – dusts, fumes, vapours etc. – produced by work processes or activities from the workplace. Poorly design and maintenance of LEV system may result in the failure to adequately control employee exposure to hazardous chemical and hence a breach of the USECHH 2000 and may cause illness to employees.

Alphat Training and Resources offer a full range of LEV testing and inspection services to ensure that the system are suitable for the purpose of controlling chemical hazardous to health and remain within specification. Data from the testing and examination of LEV and exposure monitoring will provide information to employer that the control measures are within specifications and permissible exposure limit in compliance with USECHH 2000 requirements.