Improve the health and safety of your site with noise measurement services from Alphat Training and Resources, we will help you to comply with noise regulations for your area with solutions designed specifically for your business.

The objective of Noise Exposure monitoring is to measure the level of noise being exposed to employees at a workplace and this Indoor Noise Exposure monitoring is mandatory under Factories and Machinery Act 1967. Personnel Noise Exposure Monitoring is conducted to determine employee exposures to the noise level at workplace when they carried out their work activities.

The Factories and Machinery (Noise Exposure) Regulations 1989 stated that (1) No employee shall be exposed to noise level exceeding equivalent continuous sound level of 90 dB (A) or exceeding the limits specified in the First Schedule or exceeding the daily noise dose of unity and (2) No employee shall be exposed to noise level exceeding 115 dB (A) at any time.

The Indoor Noise Exposure monitoring shall be conducted by a competent person with the following DOSH approval. Our reports will include findings with recommendations on suitable control measures for DOSH submission.