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First Aid Training In Malaysia


Reality We Face

According to American Heart Association (AHA) (Markenson et al., 2010), first aid is defined as the assessments and interventions that can be performed with minimal or no medical equipment.


A first aid provider is defined as those with formal training in first aid, emergency care, or medicine who provides first aid. In view of this, first aid treatment at the workplace is the immediate assistance provided to any person suffering from a sudden injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, and/or promote recovery.


Shock, bleeding, burns, fractures and soft tissue injuries, poisonings, medical emergencies and distressed employees are among the most common workplace first aid emergencies which might be encountered in the work sectors.


The outcome of the occupational injuries depends not only on the severity of the injury, but also providing the appropriate first aid care at the right and timely manner. In fact, a prompt and properly administered first aid care can mean the difference between the life or death, rapid or prolonged recovery, and temporary or permanent disability (OSHA, 2006).



SUDDEN CARDIAC DEATH is the most common medical and emergency condition encountered outside the hospital. It can happen to anyone, anytime and at any place.


Our brain cells can live only for 4 – 6 minutes after heartbeat has stopped. CPR started immediately can ensure optimum blood flow to the brain, thus sustaining life till the arrival of professional help.

Severe Bleeding, Burns, Fractures, Electrocution, Drowning and Choking can lead to shock and possibly death if not attended to immediately.


First Aid training and management of these medical, traumatic and environmental emergencies till the arrival of professional help can make a difference.


In Malaysia, statistics show that every 8 out of 10 people are at risk for heart attack due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

But knowledge of the right way to save those who are attacked is weak and sometimes slim is not taken into account


This has not taken into account the need for knowledge about first aid science. Something is common in Malaysia when its community helps victims of the accident without knowing the right techniques to do so.


And as a result, most victims of the accident are exposed to either permanent disability, injury after injury or worse when it results in death.


How many of you have seen how a victim of a psychiatric accident is in front of dozens of others who just look without giving any help?


Or you’re not in the scene but you can see the victim’s condition so clearly from your friend’s update on Facebook or worse over the recordings of life created.


And as far as training providers cannot cope with the needs that come from society, they are all just on paper as they are training providers to compete and work harder because of actual demand.


In this country, the most appropriate time to promote something is that some issues related to the heat are being talked about because at the moment everyone is approached with a high level of awareness.



Alphat Training And Resources Mission

CPR can save lives, It’s Fact. We provide CPR and Emergency First Aid 2 days program to suit your training needs. This program is more practical orientated and learning methodology is by “hands on” practice. The course content is 70% practical and 30% theory.


The CPR program module incorporates guidelines set by the American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and Choking. Participants of this program will learn the basic skills and correct technique of applying mouth to mouth” rescue breathing, external cardiac compression and placing victim in “recovery position”.


The CPR and Emergency first aid program will expose participants how to manage common injuries and emergencies encountered at workplace, home or away.


Participants will be able to learn the skills of arresting bleeding, dressing, managing fractures, shock and burns. We have the necessary equipments and personnel to train your employees in this field to meet OSHA requirements and certification.

Thanking you for your interest in Safe life issue .





The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 1994, provides the legislative framework to promote, stimulate and encourage high standards of safety and health at work. Due to the self-regulation schemes applied under this act, OSH relevant guidelines have been introduced to tackle different OSH issues at the workplace.


Two of the guidelines discusses in this area are Guidelines for Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) (2008) and Guidelines on First-Aid in the Workplace (2004). The gaps exist as how to complementary two existing guidelines to enhance the first aid assessment at the workplace





Have your staff trained in CPR and Emergency First Aid. Accident and Emergencies can happen anywhere, any place and at any time. Medical records show 95% of accidents occur away from a medical facilities. Prompt action by a bystander can save life and reduce financial losses. Our Trainers have over 20 years of experience in CPR & Emergency First Aid. We promise to train your staff to cope with emergencies at any situations


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